Release Date: October 2018

Cover art by Matt Revert &  Tony McMillen

“It’s technicolor noir.” -Charlie Trout a.k.a. Chuck Kinder, author of Honeymooners: A Cautionary Tale

Our Pool Party Bus Forever Days. Previously uncollected short fiction, from 2010 to the present. Crime, lit, and horror, all invoking the road. A reminder that despite the mythical reputation of driving, the hazards of spending time behind (or under) a wheel are clear. Inside, you’ll find road rage, road rash, and roadkill, some misguided road trips, maybe even some roadwork. And, of course, car chases around dangerous turns and the highway memorials they sprout like weeds. Take the road less traveled. You might find a body.

“The author’s joy in his subject matter is obvious, often expressed with a sly wink and wicked smile. Decay, both existential and physical, has never looked so good.”
–Publishers Weekly (Starred Review for Stealing Propeller Hats from the Dead)

“David James Keaton offers an insightful riff on trend horror and contemporary pop culture very much akin to that of an early-’90s Wes Craven.”
Fangoria Magazine

“The universes David James Keaton creates have one foot in stark reality and the other in the oneiric realm of barroom stories and urban legends.”
Dead End Follies

“David James Keaton is a writer to keep an eye on.”
—Frank Bill, author of The Savage

“David James Keaton’s read his Beckett, sure. And he knows his Pynchon. But he also knows his Herschell Gordon Lewis, his Quentin Tarantino. Exquisite writing and fast-paced storytelling.”
—Stephen Graham Jones, author of Mongrels

“David James Keaton holds the lovechild of convention and expectations down to the hard, concrete floor, puts his hand over its mouth, and slits its throat.”
—Michael Czyzniejewski, author of Elephants in Our Bedroom

“Keaton’s stories are as sickly exuberant and gargantuan as gothic dirigibles, tall tales of teleportation into urban myth and mystery, post-truth, anti-reality, they break every rule of regular fiction and good taste.
—Chuck Kinder, author of The Honeymooners