Dark forces are afoot in Vinewood, Georgia, a deceptively sleepy town where the dead don’t stay dead and a sinkhole is as sinister as it is deadly. Violent events both natural and supernatural build to a chaotic crescendo of horrors that will threaten the entire town and everyone in it.

An odd handful of townsfolk put their lives on the line to save the town, but the darkness may swallow them up before they have a chance.

“Reading Bad Juju is like being bitten by scorpions again and again and again, then asking for more because it felt so damned good.” –T. M. Wright, author of Bone Soup

“This is a brilliant book, and ranks right up there with James A Moore’s Serenity Falls as my favourite town under siege by evil novels of all time.” –Ginger Nuts of Horror

“This is a book with an epic scope, almost a southern gothic kin to King’s THE STAND, in tone, if not subject matter. . .I highly recommend you give it a look. You won’t be sorry.” The Crabby Reviewer

“A high octane read … scary as hell.” –Walt Hicks, author of The Deathgrip Collection

“Outstanding! Randy Chandler is horror’s best kept secret! Buy it immediately, and discover the genre as it should be.” –Kelly Tomblin, Horror-Web

“I climbed into that sucker and couldn’t get out. It was a real Venus Flytrap of a novel, absolutely compelling. I’d recommend Bad Juju without a single reservation [to] folks who dig old-time horror.” –Steve Vernon, author of Devil Tree

“A full-bore, take-no-prisoners, one-man mission to once and forever completely upend & recontextualize the hallowed traditions of the Southern Gothic.” –t. Winter-Damon, co-author of Duet for the Devil