Fifteen Years Ago.

Comet Press, the parent publisher of Red Room Press, was founded in Hell’s Kitchen, NYC, in 2008, by Cheryl Mullenax. At that time, we were one of the few small presses specializing in extreme and hardcore horror, taking inspiration from Dave Barnett’s Necro Publications (God rest his soul). Ebooks weren’t really a thing back then, and we sold more books from our website than from Amazon. Randy Chandler, one of our first authors, later joined as Associate Editor in 2015.

Now, fifteen years later, and ten years in Atlanta, GA, I have made the decision to retire early. The hardest part of this decision was parting ways with all of our talented authors. They trusted us with their stories and allowed us to share them with the world. It has been an honor to work with such imaginative and talented individuals. Their contributions have been invaluable, making our journey together nothing short of extraordinary.

While we are no longer publishing new titles, our anthologies remain available, along with the books of our esteemed Associate Editor, Randy Chandler.

Founder and Senior Editor Cheryl Mullenax, and Associate Editor Randy Chandler
Associate Editor Randy Chandler, and Founder/Senior Editor Cheryl Mullenax

“Rest assured this violation will be painful, given the tight confinements of our fallible frames of flesh—but anything less than a full-on ass-rape would probably seem insufficient in the eyes of editrix Cheryl Mullenax.” —Fangoria (for Sick Things)

“…DEADCORE features four ferocious zombie novellas that don’t pull any punches…As the book’s title indicates, DEADCORE achieves all extremes. Violent, perverse, depraved—and, as such, quite recommended.”–Fangoria

“Edited by Cheryl Mullenax, Vile Things: Extreme Deviations of Horror is not for the light horror fan. The stories are not just extreme horror, but also extreme gore and sex…a triple threat of fun in my eyes.” —Fangoria

“With sharp writing and a crisp design to match, the anthology makes a strong case for 2009’s best. It’s only Comet Press’ third release, but already, the small-press label has distinguished itself as a reliable name brand. Pick it up, if you’ve got the balls.” —Bookgasm (for The Death Panel)

“Simply put, Vile Things is every deviant horror fan’s wet dream.”—Rue Morgue

“So if you’re looking for something a little different to read in your horror fiction, a book with stories that are edgy and cool as all hell, then pick up The Death Panel, and then be prepared to be blown away by some of the best genre short story fiction written in the last few years. Yes, this book is that good.” —Horror World

“God Bless Comet Press for giving us great collections of wonderful NEW ideas. What a revelation.” —Toxic Graveyard

“Like Vile Things, The Death Panel is edited by Cheryl Mullenax and she definitely knows how to pick ‘em! … I eagerly read the noir-tinged and hard-boiled stories of crime, violence and horror and eagerly await Comet Press’ next release, because they and editor Cheryl Mullenax are really making a name for themselves in the horror community! —Fatally Yours

“Recently I’ve discovered the awesomeness that is Comet Press. There is a myriad of small press horror publishers out there, and more seem to be popping up all the time. Many times these small press companies promise ‘extreme’ horror but often what you get is a poorly edited book riddled with grammatical and spelling errors with mediocre unknowns sandwiched between old stories from established authors. Thank goodness for Comet Press. I’ve reviewed their previous releases Vile Things and The Death Panel and loved em both. The bar was set high for Sick Things, and it soared over it on cloven hoof.” —Toxic Graveyard

“Necro Files is practically perfect. Every story is an absolute hit…and why not? We’re talking John Everson, Bentley Little, Edward Lee, Joe Lansdale and George R.R. Martin, to name a few. All of the stories are dark and disturbing in their own ways, and, well, extreme. This is one anthology that horror fans, not just of the extreme variety, should have in their collections. Highly recommended.” –Monster Librarian