After a decade of publishing, Comet Press has decided to make some changes to reflect the new era of book publishing. We are excited to announce the creation of a new imprint, Red Room Press, which will be the main imprint for genre fiction. Comet Press will now be the “Mothership,” enabling her to expand into other areas of fiction and non-fiction.

We will be implementing many changes in the coming months, including rebranding the Comet Press website, social media pages, and email addresses to Red Room Press, since all of our current titles will fall under the new imprint. Comet Press will eventually have a new, separate website and social media presence (likely under a different domain name than the current one)

We will send out updates, notifying everyone of any new email addresses, and the old ones will remain in effect for some time until we are sure it is no longer needed. We are looking forward to another decade of publishing!

Our Facebook URL has already been updated to

The Comet Press Team
Cheryl Mullenax, Senior Editor
Randy Chandler, Associate Editor