Edward M. Erdelac

Edward M. Erdelac was born in Indiana, educated in Chicago, and now resides in the Los Angeles area with his lovely wife and a bona fide slew of kids and cats. His fiction appears in DEADCORE, After Death, Corrupts Absolutely, Slices Of Flesh, Atomic Age Cthulhu, and Danse Macabre, among others. He is the author of the acclaimed Judeocentric/Lovecraftian weird western series Merkabah Rider, a coming of age western, Buff Tea, and the compiler of the first of Professor Abraham Van Helsing’s heretofore unpublished journals, Terovolas.  An award winning screenwriter and an independent filmmaker, he also wrote the definitive story about boxing in a galaxy far far away for Lucasfilm’s Star Wars franchise.

News about his work, both extant and forthcoming, can be read at his blog, Delirium Tremens, at http://emerdelac.wordpress.com.  He can also be found on Facebook if you deign to seek him there.

Books by Edward M. Erdelac