Coming June 1, 2017.

Submissions are now open for Volume 3.

Michael A. Arnzen “55 Ways I’d Prefer Not to Die”

Jasper Bark “Bed of Crimson Joy”

Christa Carmen “The Girl Who Loved Bruce Campbell”

Marvin Brown “The Field”

Adam Cesare “Please Subscribe”

Matthew Chabin “Father of Dread”

Jose Cruz “American Gods, American Monsters”

Andrew Darlington “Coming of the Darkula”

Paolo Di Orazio “The Contract”

Stefanie Elrick “Mother’s Nature”

William Grabowski “Out Hunting for Teeth”

Sarah L. Johnson “Little Sister, Little Brother”

Eric LaRocca “Miss_Vertebrae”

Alessandro Manzetti “Kozmic Blues”

Tim Miller “Backne”

Alexandra Renwick “Redux”

Bryan Smith “Implant”

Jeremy Thompson “The Hallowfiend Remembers”

Tim Waggoner “A Face in the Crowd”

Wrath James White “Ownership”

Stephanie M. Wytovich “On This Side of Bloodletting” & selected poems from “Brothel”

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