Release Date: March 3, 2014
Length: Novelette
Format: Ebook

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Sex & sorcery: When you go under the red veil, the sex magic begins; unveiled, your wildest sex dreams come true.

A four-hundred-year-old veil created by the sultan’s sorcerer finds its way to present-day America to rock the world of erotica author Dakota Kennedy.

“For Dakota each stinging bite of the belt felt like a petite orgasm, even in her breasts—where orgasms weren’t supposed to happen. She marveled at the red veil’s sexual sorcery and never wanted its delicious magic to end. She thought she must be already addicted to it. Just that quick. Once you had a taste of what it could do–or in this case, several tastes–you didn’t want to do without. You had to have more. The thought of being without the bewitched veil was unbearable.”


“You can’t stop this,” Dakota-devil said. “Like this orgasm, it is coming hard and fast and nothing can stop it now. Now give me your cock or feel my fucking wrath. I’ve already fucked up two dykes today. And that was before the devil entered me. I cracked this flunky bitch’s head and choked her with a chain until she passed out, and the other cunt I strapped to a fuck machine and turned the fucker on. That’s how I left her. She’s most likely been fucked to death by now, that mechanical cock still plugging away at her torn-up pussy. I mean it was an industrial-strength fuck machine. You understand, Englishman? Defy me at your own risk. Get over here! And whip it out.”