Release Date: July 27, 2015
Length: Novella
Format: Ebook

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Cover by Inkubus

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Amy Hutchens may be vulnerable, but she refuses to be a victim. Not after all she’s survived.

For years she’s hidden the scars—both mental and physical—beneath a steel façade. But her sister’s disappearance nine months ago—on a mountain climbing expedition—has reopened the wounds of their abusive childhood.

Amy has reverted to the self-mutilation of her teens, when she would carve wounds into her flesh to soothe the scars beneath. Though she clings to the hope that her sister is still alive, her best friend and college roommate, Mindy, convinces Amy to join her on a backcountry ski trip.

But in these mountains, Amy has more to fear than past trauma and her sister’s ghost.

A pair of drifters—known as Red Tags in the psych ward—has taken up residence in the sleepy town of White Peaks, haunted by their own inner demons.

When one of the men abducts Mindy, it is up to Amy to rescue her. She tracks them to an abandoned cabin, where Amy encounters madness even darker than the horrors of her childhood.

She will learn that it’s the suffering of the past that steels us for the nightmares that await.