Release Date: November 15, 2011
Format: Trade paperback
Length: Novella
ISBN Number: 9781936964451

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Todd Collins has failed in every job he’s ever undertaken, but that all changes when he backs his jalopy into a shiny, new Porsche belonging to a drug dealer. When the police stop the drug dealer for a broken taillight that Todd has caused and discover a cocaine shipment, a West Coast kingpin holds Todd responsible. On the run from organized crime, Todd discovers his true calling when he fights back.

When you’re down on your luck, life never wants to cut you a break.


“Elmore Leonard would be proud to have written this twisty, action-packed tale.”
Cemetery Dance

“Tightly crafted. Wood delivers the goods!”
Reviewing The Evidence

“For a novice reader of Wood’s work, this is an excellent place to start.”

“Crime hasn’t been this much fun or unpredictable since the second-story man John Dortmunder squeezed himself into a dishwasher.”
The Drowning Machine

“Great mystery with exciting plot twists and suspense galore.”
The Midwest Book Review