Release Date: January 1, 2012
Format: Print and Ebook
Length: Novel
ISBN Number: 9781936964505

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From the author of the films Lake Dead, (After Dark Film’s 8 Films to Die For) and Farmhouse, Daniel P. Coughlin’s Ted’s Score is a shocking, suspenseful tale of a depraved, ax-wielding serial killer.

When beautiful Jules Benton, a seventeen year old senior, goes missing after the spring formal dance in the small town of Watertown, Wisconsin, her father, Richard Benton, becomes suspicious of Jules’ boyfriend, David Miller and his involvement with her disappearance.

When Richard confirms his suspicions, the brutality of his capability consumes him and soon David will find out what that means.

Unbeknownst to David or Richard, a serial killer by the name of Ted Olson has more to do with Jules’ disappearance than anyone might suspect. As Jules’ whereabouts unfold, the truth begins to bleed from a dark place. And the authorities have begun to smell the criminal acts committed.

Murder and mayhem catch up with the slow pace of this ordinary Middle American town when evil, perversion, and death mislead these simple folks into a disastrous wave of crime that spirals out of control. All the while, Ted collects his score.


“Ted’s Score is grim, disturbing, visceral old school horror that exposes the dark underbelly of a small town and all the awful things that crawl there. It’ll get under your skin. And stay there.”

—Tim Curran, author of Graveworm and Cannibal Corpse m/c


“Daniel P. Coughlin terrifies me. Not his writing. Him. He’s scary. But you can tell it through his writing. He writes stuff that’s scary because it’s too true. And too human. Do we really all want to know that, underneath our creepy crawly skins, we are the creatures that Dan would make us out to be? Of course we want to know. In fact, once we pick up a Daniel P. Coughlin book, we can’t put it down. We dare not put it down. We must turn the pages, faster and faster and faster, and get through it and then slam the damn thing down. And wipe our brow and have a drink and thank our lucky stars for something, anything, maybe just for being alive. And then we count the days until the next Dan Coughlin book so we can start the process all over again. Thank god he writes faster than most of us can read. And what wonderful melodious slicing and dicing words he uses to weave his tapestries of human existence and the melodramas we foment and embrace. But, enough from me. Time to read Mr. Coughlin now.”

—Brian Alan Lane, Screenwriter: Star Trek Next Generation, Hunter, MacGuyver, Remmington Steels; Novel: Cat and Mouse: Mind Games with a Serial Killer


Bloody Disgusting—October 2012

by Ryan Daley

“ In his own dark, twisted way, Coughlin reminds us that under the right circumstances, anyone is capable of murder.”

4 out of 5 Skulls.

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HorrorTalk—February 2012

by Gabino Iglesias

“Written in a direct, fast-paced prose and packed with tension and despair, Ted’s Score is a must-read for fans of classic horror stories and admirers of literature that explores serial killers and their psychology. Also, the novel works well in its portrayal of real-life horror: it can be way closer than anyone suspects. Pick up a copy today.”

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toxic Graveyard—March 2012

“The book goes in directions that even this well versed horror fiend didn’t see coming. The characterisations are vivid and realistic. In fact, reading the beginning chapters about the young love birds reminded me of my own youth, and with painful accuracy. The characters were so realistic and engaging that I could have read a whole book just about the Benton family, with no crazy serial killer action at all. I felt hungry to find out more and couldn’t put the book down.”

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