Release Date: July 28, 2014
Length: Novelette
Format: Ebook

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Cover and book design by Inkubus

Marilyn Briggs is no ordinary investigator.

A member of the Sex Detectives, a covert government unit, Marilyn tackles New York’s more unusual sexual predators—vagina-faced assassins, nympho ninjas, that kind of thing.

On her latest assignment, she encounters undead porn stars, stomach-bursting parasites and a horny marshmallow man … then there’s the fifty-foot penis monster about to destroy the city…

Sick In The Head is a love story … in the tradition of Frank Henenlotter.




Every night, the dream.

She lies back among the pillows, her lover taking his place between her spread thighs. He runs his hands across her flat stomach to her breasts, which he squeezes playfully while teasing the nipples with his tongue, then he kisses his way back down to her navel. Buries his head between her legs.

Her eyes are closed. Her breath comes in short gasps.

He turns her over and begins stroking the backs of her thighs. He moves his hands over her buttocks, kisses the small of her back and runs his tongue across her spine, repeating the action several times while stroking the sides of her breasts. When he leans forward to kiss the back of her neck, she feels him against her.

He spreads warm oil across her body, massaging her, stroking her, his shaft teasing her. When neither can stand it any longer, he takes her by the hips as she gets up on her knees, and slides into her.

A series of slow, short thrusts leave her gasping into her pillow, clutching the sheets as the fire builds within her body. Her eyes screw shut, her mouth opens wide and—


Her body shaking from the force of the orgasm, sounds that make no sense tumbling from her lips, she moves her free hand behind her back for her lover to grasp …

… but her lover isn’t there.

Still shaking, she looks over her shoulder. Her partner has disappeared, and a monster, the kind she hunts by day, occupies his place. It pauses, relishing her anxiety, then moves closer.

Looks up at her.

And she screams.