Release Date: October 15, 2013
Format: Print and Ebook
Length: Novel
ISBN: 978-1-936964-55-0

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Cover art by Amy Wilkins

She came back to life…now she wishes she were dead.

Scarla Fragran sacrificed her life for a mission that was rigged to fail. Being betrayed by the very people she thought she could trust was nothing compared to the revolt of her own mind and body. When the worst menace comes from within, death can seem the noblest option…but only if you stay dead. Inexplicably awake in a world she thought she’d left behind, Scarla struggles to regain her senses and remember who—and what—she is. Once she embarks on the perilous journey to retrace her steps and find out why she died, she comes face-to-face a new world of horrors—including murderous long haulers, a menacing neo-Nazi motorcycle club, treacherous rebel newsmen, a sea of salacious and unspeakable shapeshifters, and the beast that lurks within her own DNA—just to stay alive…


Dead, Buried, and Back

“Maimstream is a dark, twisted, sexually charged novel.  Period. It doesn’t skimp on action, drama, or suspense. From the first few pages, BC Furtney immediately set his fast paced thriller into motion.”

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